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Sky Kingdom Games is a game publisher that is dedicated to creating fun, engaging, and strategic games for all ages.

For our first game release we have assembled a team of game designers, players, and developers to create a game that's just the right combination of a card game with boardgame mechanics. Find out more about our new game 'The Stonebound Saga' below.


how it all began


The team at Sky Kingdom Games has been developing The Stonebound Saga since 2000. It started as a tabletop miniature game very similar to D&D, but with our own battle system. The game evolved into an expandable card game, and we added new mechanics for deeper, more strategic play. After years of play-testing only the base stats for each class in order to ensure excellent balance, we began developing the various abilities used in the game. The core balance fused with exciting abilities makes The Stonebound Saga a truly exciting game to play. After all of these years we feel we have created a perfect harmony of strategy and fun, and we can’t wait to share The Stonebound Saga with gamers everywhere!

In the next few months we will be attending gaming conferences and hosting gaming nights in stores around the Chicago area to spread the word about The stonebound saga. on june 27th 2017 WE WILL BE LAUNCHING OUR Kickstarter campaign, this will allow us to raise the funds required to manufacture and ship our game around the world. Visit our games website www.thestoneboundsaga.com, and our social media pages below to learn more about The Stonebound Saga and how you can be a part of this amazing journey we are on.

coming june 27th!


Meet our team

Eric Bittermann

Creator of The Stonebound Saga

David Yanchick

Creative Director

Rich McCarron

Lead Game Developer

Sean Craten

Lead Game Developer

Bill Piyatut H.

Music Director

Jason Nguyen

Game Artist

Tibor Özvegy

Graphic Designer

Ron Krumwiede

Game Developer

David Bergman

Game Developer

Tyler Hansen

Game Developer

Bill Dedi

Game Developer

Tommie Stallings

Game Developer

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